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Night of the living Fig


Happy 4-20!!!!!

Asked by Anonymous

Hey you too! I have no weed, so i’ll just smoke a ham. 


Omg I finished inking the big Gabriel peice around 2am last night and now im having alot of trouble getting motivated to do these doodles. Caffeine…. need…. caffeine…

Man…. I look through unicornempire ‘s blog and I just want to throw my sketchbook across the room and set fire to my photoshop. Such wonderful artwork, the lettering alone blows me away and im so super jealous of the screen printer…

I MUST get better!!!! (Determined face)

Leave it to me to instead of doing a bunch of quick little doodles, to spend the ENTIRE night on one….. I think you guys will really like it though. Hoping to color for tommorow but there is alot of shit going on in this pic. Alot.

My hand fucking kills right now. Caffeine required to finish inking this sonofabitch

Omfg the goats pass out if you shoot the pig!!!!!!!!


While your hunting for your eggs tommorow, remember who’s going to be hunting you..

Christo! You guys have sent me a total of 62 Gabriel art requests in the past 48 hours. 

please keep them coming. I fudging love you. I want to draw them alllllll!!!! 

(please give me time O_O’) 

sorry had to reblog cos omg so cute x

Feel free to reblog anything cute you see ^_^ It makes my day srsly. 

I just made popcorn with bacon grease and if I die know it was the best decision I ever made.

Drawing and drinking - yes.
Drinking and inking - no.

Friends don’t let friends ink drunk.

Fuck ya. Time to draw

Crowley says Happy Easter!!!!!!!! 

vaguelyvangsness replied to your post: Shots of whiskey and hot glue… this wi…

You spelled “fantastically” wrong.

I spell lots of things wrong. YAlso.. i’ve been drinking… alots

But yeah, grammar and spelling and math.. not my bag. Auto correct dosnt know what the fuck im doing, I think it just gave up

Shots of whiskey and hot glue… this will not end well

I’m getting fucking drunk….. right, fucking, NOW!

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