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They were next to eachother in the row. Soda shouldn’t make you sad. 



who am I kidding I was damned a long time ago. 

Misha has some tricks up his sleeves himself it would appear and the registration for GISHWHES has been extended 5 days. Which… if i have enough fingers to count on means that it is completely possible to raise the rest of the money for the COMPLETE TWS PSA since the message you want to be recorded can be edited until registration ends. imagine that! so hey, lets give it a shot!!

*****GOFUNDME - Together We Soar *****

Thank you to the like 12 people that send me an ask flailing and falling over things and screaming in all caps about registration being extended. 

(Also, in my previous post it was apparently not as obvious as I thought but for those with an unusual need to see my face there is a link in the text of the post to see my picture since the fundraiser got close enough, A cruddy cell phone pic as the photoshoot pics aren’t up yet but still a picture just the same, so knock yourself out.)

FIVE MORE DAYS!! This is happening, people! Enough has been raised to get 2/3 recorded, let’s go for 3/3! Raise funds for Random Acts (and It Gets Better), and make this fan-made queer PSA a reality – double the good karma for every dollar you donate!


youre gonna look so goddamn cool

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do u consider me a friend too or am i annoying: the movie

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Cosmo Tip #45: Roses are an ideal way to woo your vessel.

[ Lucifer cosplay by essenceofbananafish Frozen roses by nightofthelivingfig ]


"Be Quiet" [x] and “Welcome to the Jungle” [x] - by octoswan [DA]

Saw these floating around on my dash as re-posts so I thought I’d re-upload them! I did these shortly after the s7 finale, when I thought the purgatory monsters would be a little bit…beastlier (do you guys remember the red-eyed inhuman creatures at the end of that finale? yeah what happened to that haha). They’re super old, but uh, enjoy? shh don’t go to my DA it’s really abandoned right now ugh

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Gotta catch a ride…

Asker mysuperwolf Asks:
What's your name on Etsy? I'd love to see it!
nightofthelivingfig nightofthelivingfig Said:

yeah totally. Here is my Etsy Shop MistyFigs in all its mismatched glory. Filled with supernatural stuff, cufflinks, funko kitbashes, magnets and buttons and whatever else i randomly make. 

I made it transparent.. then I immediately regretted it. 


274.00 raised with less than 1 week to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

We officially have enough to get 1 of the 3 registrations needed! So at the very least, a small part of Castiel’s Together We Soar message WILL be recorded. 

We are still hoping to get at least enough for 400 characters though to make the message more complete (578.00) and with the added swag packs available from your donations we hope you can spread the word to make this a reality for all those that love the Together We Soar campaign.

Be prepared. and scared. 

This movie is basically a really, really fucked up version of GISHWHES

I like it. Alot.

What is your favorite ship?
nightofthelivingfig nightofthelivingfig Said:


USPS is my OTP, but I’ve been know to enjoy the services of UPS and FedEx from time to time. I don’t ship hate. Love the love that you love. 

The first month or two before Gishwhes, I am in total Gish-prep mode.

Research. Development. Supply gathering.

I was testing out some theories on puppet development and came across this great video. Figured I’d share it. You never know when it will come in handy to know how to make a Muppet.